Windsor facility to step up coffee production

Mark Brown/Blackburn News

There is a greater chance that the morning cup of joe you enjoy was created in Windsor-Essex.

Vancouver-based NEXE Innovations Inc., which has a facility in Windsor, has announced that it will increase the production of food-grade components for single-use coffee pods.

“The end-to-end manufacturing facility is a key part of NEXE’s operating strategy and is equipped for compounding resin, injection molding key components of NEXE’s proprietary single-use fully compostable pod, and dosing and sealing the pods for commercialization,” read a release from the company. “NEXE will also provide roasting and grinding capabilities in order to provide a fully integrated coffee solution to potential clients.”

NEXE Innovations President Ash Gugliani said the move helps bring an earth-friendly approach to the process.

“Not only is the company able to provide a North American-made solution to help eliminate plastic waste, but the manufacturing infrastructure will also allow NEXE to scale much faster and introduce other fully compostable packaging solutions when ready,” said Gugliani.

Among the changes being made to the Windsor factory are the installation of the proper equipment, the hiring of additions to the local operations team, and the conducting of production tests.

NEXE is hopeful to begin the increased coffee production as soon as possible.