Woman walking in front of an electric car that's plugged in

Zero Emission and Clean Tech

Windsor-Essex is at the forefront of forming the next big economic growth sector. Our geographic location is arguably the most desirable Canadian location for electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing.

Sector profile

We’ve been able to achieve notable success in building up our clean technology sector with our manufacturing sector bringing in many transferable skills and our education system introducing more curriculum on clean tech.

As investors, consumers and Governments increasingly base their decisions on environmental sustainability, taking climate action now is a critical economic opportunity that will maintain and create Canadian jobs, and make the economy more resilient and more competitive.

A Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy is the federal plan to build a better future with a healthier economy and environment.

Solar energy and wind energy

Windsor-Essex supports renewable energy sources through various industry sectors by not only helping turn away from fossil fuels and mitigate the effects of global warming but by committing to environmental sustainability and cleaner energy resources.  The region supports development and opportunities in solar, wind, bioenergy and photovoltaic technologies. 

Essex County is also home to hundreds of wind turbines that provide our community with clean, renewable wind energy.

Electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing

Our strategic geographic location at the busiest commercial border crossing between Canada and the U.S. has given Windsor-Essex a strong value proposition for foreign direct investments (FDIs) in clean tech regional automotive opportunities. We’ve highlighted the following globally-minded companies who seek North American market entry that demonstrate our regions commitment to attracting desirable FDIs:

  • Home to NextStar Energy battery plant
  • 20 plus companies have established original equipment manufacturer (OEMs)
  • 6 companies have established electric vehicle (EV) OEMs
  • More than 20 companies have begun start-up EV OEMs
  • 20 plus other companies exist that provide FDIs
  • Projected Ford EV production to start in 2024
  • Stellantis (formerly FCA) EV production to start in 2025

Industry strengths

Over the years, Windsor-Essex has built up a strong industry for eliminating our emissions and advancing our clean technologies sector. Our manufacturers and research-based facilities thrive off of our industry strengths which include:

Education and research

Our education and research facilities offer credible institutions that help drive Windsor-Essex’s innovation for zero emissions and clean technology.

St. Clair College is one of the top 50 research colleges in Canada, it has approximately 480 engineering technologies and skilled trades students completing their programs annually that contribute to our efforts of innovating clean technologies. The college provides experiences including:

  • The Ford Centre for Excellence in manufacturing delivers high quality training for the engineering and manufacturing technology industry.
  • The apprenticeship programs provide students with valuable experience, including their work with training talent for BMW.

The University of Windsor’s faculty of engineering is noted as having one of the top engineering programs in Canada, with students with over 400 undergraduates graduating each year. Notable clean technology innovations being explored and researched at the university include: