Business Expansion and Networking

Windsor-Essex is known as one of North America’s top locations to invest and develop your business. Whether you’re looking to expand your facilities, innovate or network with our governments and support groups, our department of Business Retention and Expansion is focused on providing you with opportunities to grow your business.

Site selector tool

Our site selector tool allows you to find the perfect commercial or industrial property in the region. The tool compiles listings from the Multiple Listings Service (MLS) as well as privately held listings in the region.


Windsor-Essex offers many opportunities for you to network and connect with other business owners and investors so you can get access to the support you need to accelerate your business’ success. Please view our events calendar to find out about upcoming networking opportunities. 

Professional advice and support

Before you make the next big decision for your business, consider consulting one of our experts for their professional advice and assistance. Among the general business practices we provide, we can help you build a sustainable business expansion plan to enhance your business prospects and reach your goals.