Labour and Workforce

Windsor-Essex is home to a widely diverse, skilled and educated workforce. With a strong history in agri-food and advanced manufacturing, especially within the automotive sector, the region has recently seen growth and diversification in multiple other thriving industries, including applied science and technologies. This new growth has also increased trade, which has contributed to the local economy for decades.

Access to Global Talent Stream Program

The Global Talent Stream offers timely, responsive and predictable client-focused service to help you access highly-skilled global talent to expand your workforce here in Canada and to be competitive on a global scale.

Under the Global Talent Stream, skilled workers can expect their Canada work permits and Canada visa applications processed within two weeks.

The federal government wants to help high-growth companies bring in the talent they need quickly by cutting processing times for a Canada visa application from six months to just 10 business days.

What are the key elements of the Global Talent Stream?

  • Two-week standard for processing Canada work permit applications (and Canada visa applications when applicable) for highly skilled talent.
  • Dedicated service for companies looking to make significant job-creating investments in Canada.
  • As of April 4, 2022, employers submitting an LMIA (labour market impact assessment) application for a high-wage position may request an employment duration of up to 3 years.
  • Companies applying for workers through the Global Talent Stream will have access to the new streamlined application process that will provide:
    • Client-focused service to help guide eligible employers through the application process and the development of the Labour Market Benefits Plan, with a service standard of 10 business days.
    • Eligibility for workers to have their work permit applications processed in 10 business days.

Demographics and statistics

One of the most diverse communities in Canada, Windsor-Essex’s residents speak more than 70 different languages, with 150 ethnic origins represented. Behind English and French, Arabic is the third most commonly spoken language in the community.

View Workforce WindsorEssex’s WEdata Hub for more labour market information, including career trends, sectors and industry clusters, Census information and more.

Strengths and skill sets in Windsor-Essex

View Workforce WindsorEssex’s Skills Matrix to identify the strengths and skill sets that align with in-demand careers in the region. This resource is useful both for employers reviewing employee skill sets and for those pursuing new career opportunities.

Education and training

Windsor-Essex is home to several major research facilities and institutes of higher education, as well as many facilities and programs that enable career based training. With several strategic initiatives linking higher education and workforce development, it’s no wonder our area’s post-secondary programs are internationally recognized.

Our industries

Our diverse workforce contributes their skills to a wide variety of thriving industries in the region.

Employment by industry

View Windsor CMA employment numbers by industry from Statistics Canada’s Labour Market Survey Q4 2022.

Labour Force Characteristics