Couple holding hands on Point Pelee boardwalk


Leamington is the second-largest municipality in Essex County and is home to the southernmost point of mainland Canada. The community offers an excellent school system, a community hospital, first-class recreational facilities, police and fire services, affordable housing and cozy neighbourhoods, making Leamington an attractive choice for family living, business investment or retirement.


Leamington is located along the north shore of Lake Erie and is 45 minutes from the Windsor/Detroit international border.

Located on the 42nd parallel, Leamington shares the same latitude as northern California and has one of the longest growing seasons in the county. Leamington is home to Point Pelee National Park which is the southernmost point of mainland Canada.

Invest and grow

Leamington has grown from a small agricultural town to a modern small urban centre with a diverse economy. Key industries and areas of focus include agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and health care.

Leamington is home to the largest concentration of greenhouses in North America with nearly 2000 acres “under cover.” This industry represents $1 billion in farm gate value and focuses mainly on growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and flowers. Recently, the Cannabis industry has also shown rapid growth in the region.

Leamington also has a thriving commercial sector with land available for future growth and development.

The Uptown Commercial District Community Improvement Plan (CIP) provides funding to assist building and business owners with building and façade improvements.

Tourism and recreation

Leamington is one of Ontario’s top year-round, waterfront destinations.

This Southermost town provides a national park, an abundance of trails, incredible boating and mouth-watering cuisine. A thriving arts & culture scene can also be enjoyed as part of your visit.

Leamington Streets

The Leamington area attracts an impressive migration of birds and butterflies, drawing the attention of naturalists from around the world. The countryside is home to some of North American’s most popular birding locations including Point Pelee National Park, Hillman Marsh, Kopegaron Woods and near-by Pelee Island. As the northern border of the Carolinian forest, the area supports over 700 plant species.

Leamington’s Lakeside Marina is a deep water, premier marina located in on beautiful Lake Erie and can accommodate small personal watercrafts to vessels over 75 feet.’