Future Home of the Windsor-Essex Single Site Acute Care Hospital signage

Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) is leading a collaborative planning process for a new, modern, state-of-the-art Windsor-Essex Hospitals System that will transform hospital services in Windsor-Essex. The new hospital will be the cornerstone of the region’s new acute care system and replace existing outdated and undersized facilities. It will integrate tertiary, acute and community based mental health care, featuring a Centre of Mental Health Excellence.

View the latest news and updates on the Windsor-Essex Hospitals System and its five-stage planning process. It is estimated that construction will be complete in seven to 10 years.

Health benefits

View the many health benefits that the new Windsor-Essex Hospitals System will bring, including larger single bed, private hospital rooms, helipad and air ambulance access, expanded imaging and catheterization labs, elevator privacy, comfortable and private arrivals, and more.

Economic benefits

The $2 billion hospital project is expected to create thousands of jobs through construction and during operation. Spin-off opportunities are expected to become available as the system helps make Windsor-Essex a more attractive destination for investment. A report by KPMG, states that the project will bring:

  • $1.12 billion in local labour income
  • 11,600 local jobs generated in the regional economy
  • $1.73 billion contributed to Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP), with $1.57 billion accrued to the regional economy
  • $276 million in government revenue


A 60-acre site at the corner of County Road 42 and the 9th Concession has been selected as the future home for the hospital, offering room to develop and grow over time to meet the community’s needs. The site is ideally located near major access roads and all major highways and near an existing Transit Windsor Route, with public transportation service tying directly to the hospital upon its opening.