Vineyard on Pelee Island

Pelee Island

The Township of Pelee Island is the southernmost inhabited place in Canada. The island is surrounded by Lake Erie and offers residents and visitors great swimming, fishing and boating. Because of its southern location, inhabitants and tourists can experience a rare Carolinian forest, two provincial nature reserves and multiple conservation areas each teeming with birds and rare species. Visit today and enjoy the island’s serenity, beauty and peacefulness.


The Township of Pelee Island consists of nine islands in the western basin of Lake Erie, Pelee Island being the largest (19 km by 6 km). It is situated at the Canada/USA boundary between Sandusky, Ohio and Windsor/Essex County, Ontario.

Pelee Island can be accessed by ferry, personal watercraft, or airplane.

The ferry service runs from April to early December and offers vehicle and transportation services. Ferry service is available from both Canadian and United States ports.

Invest and Grow

The Township of Pelee Island offers a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) to facilitate revitalization and redevelopment efforts.

Tourism and Recreation

From historical sites to shops, nature walks, and night life, Pelee Island provides visitors with an array of tourist attractions. Whether taking a bike ride, going for a swim, browsing through the local shops or indulging in the food and drink that the Island has to offer, Pelee Island can satisfy your desire for calm and quiet or for new sights and sounds.

Pelee Island is also home to the oldest estate winery in Canada – Pelee Island Winery.

Pelee Island Winery

Come and experience all that the Island has to offer and see why it is one of Canada’s best kept secrets!