Province invests in leading southwestern Ontario manufacturers to boost regional economy

News release/Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade

Ontario supports more than $44 million surge into the Windsor-area economy with over $2 million Regional Development Program investment

WINDSOR – The Ontario government is supporting an investment of more than $44 million by three leading southwestern Ontario companies to strengthen local manufacturing, create jobs, attract new investment and boost regional economic recovery. The province is investing nearly $2 million through the Regional Development Program, which will help create 78 jobs.

“Our government is proud to to support local manufacturers across the province as they look to grow and create good, local jobs,” said Vic Fedeli, Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. “We look forward to seeing more of these kinds of private-sector investments that are needed to create the conditions for long-term regional economic growth. We thank Medicap Laboratories, Canadian Premier Supplements and Cedar Valley Selections for contributing to our province’s dynamic and growing manufacturing sector and economic recovery.”

Medicap Laboratories, based in Windsor, is an Ontario leader in the dietary and nutritional supplement manufacturing sector. The company specializes in manufacturing, formulation development, regulatory affairs consulting, private labeling, technical writing, and storage and fulfillment. Their investment of more than $38 million will result in increased and more efficient production capacity due to the addition of new state-of-the-art equipment with Ontario’s support of $926,640 through the Regional Development Program. The expanded production capacity will allow the company to forge new strategic partnerships, create jobs, diversify their product offerings, and become more competitive to meet growing global market demand. In addition, the project will allow Medicap to distribute Norwegian Vitux Omega 3 (patented ConCordix) to new markets. The company expects the investment will add 50 new jobs to their workforce.

“We are extremely pleased by today’s announcement,” said Hema Patel, President of Medicap. “Medicap Laboratories is one of the leading nutraceutical companies in southwestern Ontario and this investment, including the funding provided by the Ontario government, will help substantially increase production capacity, export business, and create more skilled jobs for Medicap Laboratories and our partner, SofTab Technologies.”

Canadian Premier Supplements in Windsor specializes in custom nutritional supplement formulations for private-label customers. The company asserts that its competitive edge is its proprietary product containing eight supplements in a single serving. Their investment of more than $5 million will result in the addition of a manufacturing facility with advanced automation, production and packaging equipment with Ontario’s support of $770,332 through the Regional Development Program. The project will enhance the company’s production capacity and open new market opportunities that will increase revenues. The company expects this investment to add 20 jobs to their workforce.

“The incredible work the province of Ontario and the Regional Development Program delivers to businesses and their communities around the province is so valuable,” said David Baillargeon, Founder and CEO of Canadian Premier Supplements. “This program funding has provided us the means to invest in our employees, equipment and processes for future growth at a time where job losses and reduced hours during the pandemic was a real concern. Thank you for your continued support.”

Cedar Valley Selections is a food manufacturer based in Oldcastle that produces a lineup of all-natural salad dressings sold in grocery stores across Canada. In late 2020, the company introduced their line of non-GMO Pita Chips. The owners – a mother and son duo – believe that great food has the power to bring people together. Their investment of over $1 million will allow the company to scale up and automate their production and packaging lines for their recently introduced Pita Chips. Ontario’s investment of $162,134 will support the company as they manage a growth trajectory to supply 1,500 stores by the end of the year. A celebration of food made with quality ingredients is the basis behind this duo’s rapid rise to success. Cedar Valley projects the upgrades to their current operations will add eight jobs to their workforce.

“We are beyond grateful to have the opportunity to participate in the Regional Development Program. The financial support from the Ontario government will allow us to rapidly improve our production facility and hire the necessary staff to produce high-quality, innovative products to bring to consumers across Canada,” said Ameen Fadel, Founder and CEO of Cedar Valley Selections. “We are excited to partner with the provincial Government on this project and look forward to the growth opportunities that will result from this.”

Ontario is investing more than $100 million through the Regional Development Program from 2019 to 2023 to support distinct regional priorities and challenges. The program provides cost-shared funding to businesses, municipalities and economic development organizations to help local communities attract investment, diversify their economies, and create jobs.

Quick Facts

  • The government launched the Regional Development Program for Eastern and Southwestern Ontario in November 2019. Businesses and municipalities can get financial support through the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) and Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) and guided access to a range of complementary services and supports.
  • The government recently launched the Advanced Manufacturing and Innovation Competitiveness (AMIC) stream of the Regional Development Program. It will support Ontario advanced manufacturers to invest in the equipment, advanced technologies and skilled workforce needed to improve competitiveness and growth, and to create, retain and bring jobs back to every region of the province.