Invest WindsorEssex unveils jobs portal aimed at e-vehicle sector

Dave Waddell/The Windsor Star

To meet the workforce needs of the electric vehicle sector being created in the area, Invest WindsorEssex has created a jobs portal aimed specifically at positions in the industry that is believed to be the first of its kind in North America.

Filomena Tassi, the minister responsible for the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario, was at Windsor’s Automobility and Innovation Centre on Wednesday to announce the launch of FedDev Ontario provided the backing for the project.

“This tool is brilliant,” Tassi said of the platform created by Windsor firm elev8 Web Studio. “I think it’ll be taken across the country and maybe beyond.

“This will save countless hours for workers on job searches. Businesses are going to love it because they get the best workers applying for their jobs.

“This idea could actually serve on any platform (for any sector).”

The website will serve as a one-stop shop for both job seekers and businesses where searches can be customized. The site will also allow for Invest WindsorEssex to feed information to users and will be used as a promotional tool advising workers or businesses on why they should locate in the region.

Invest WindsorEssex CEO Stephen MacKenzie said the challenge was creating a jobs portal tool for an industry that didn’t yet exist in Canada. That required the platform to have an educational component as well.

“This is an emerging industry,” MacKenzie. “We had to work with industry, understanding the types of jobs that would be coming from engineering, technician, to on-the-line.

“It’s a Windsor-Essex initiative, but one that can grow and support other regions of the province and country. That was a key presentation when looking to have the costs approved.”

The site searches 60 websites for job postings linked to the electric vehicle industry. It will also explain to users what the different types of jobs are, the skillsets required, the salary range, education needed, what colleges offer training in those skills and funding resources for potential students to pay for that up-skilling.

Once a user creates a profile, the site will match it to suitable jobs and provide a rating of how well that user fits the needs required for the position. The site will also offer news from the EV industry and allow businesses to customize their offerings.

The site is updated hourly and had 31 positions listed on its launch day.

Workforce WindsorEssex CEO Justin Falconer said the site is the first of its kind in North America aimed directly at servicing the electric vehicle industry. His organization oversaw the elements required in the creation of the jobs’ portal, along with input from WEtech Alliance, the University of Windsor and St. Clair College.

“It’s always great to be the first,” Falconer said.

“We’re not going to be shy about telling our story and all the advantages of growing that talent and career in Windsor Essex.

“The information here has never been assembled in one place before to my knowledge.”

Falconer added he expects the site to help recruit new businesses and out-of-town workers, but also aid local established companies get into the EV sector or expand their efforts.

“We’re going to make sure they know we’re here to support them in their recruitment attraction and development efforts,” said Falconer of supporting the region’s existing industrial base. “They need workers to be successful too.

“If you’re a business, thinking about where to locate, you’re looking for communities that are proactive, taking the lead and have your back.”

Invest WindsorEssex has also hired a talent attraction specialist to support local businesses and the digital arm of talent recruitment and retainment.