Invest WindsorEssex president optimistic about new Amazon jobs

Kurlis Mati/AM 800 CKLW

With news of Amazon Canada bringing one of its delivery stations to Windsor, the President and CEO of Invest Windsor-Essex Stephen MacKenzie, is looking forward to the opportunities this could bring to the region.

Over the weekend it was announced the former Chrysler Pillette Road Truck Assembly Plant would turn its vacant land into a delivery station.

The 27-acre parcel of land near Central Avenue and Plymouth Drive was said to have been purchased on April 1.

MacKenzie says he is optimistic about this announcement.  

“It’s proof that our region is growing and is anticipated to continue to grow,” says MacKenzie.  “It’s another large investment where there will be construction jobs and things similar. To have another opportunity for 300 plus people, it’s just wonderful.”   

He says it will give residents more options when it comes to employment opportunities. 

“One of the goals you strive for in a region is to have diversity in the types of jobs and industry that are growing,” he says.  “We had some recent announcements on the automotive and auto mobility industries with the battery plant, so it’s wonderful to have job announcements in other related industries and clusters for that kind of diversity.” 

MacKenzie says construction will begin very soon. 

“I think they would like to begin the construction by next month, so things are moving along,” says MacKenzie.  “We have been working with the company for a number of months and I believe that’s the target.” 

MacKenzie adds roughly 300 jobs will be created from the delivery station.