Automobility News: January 2024

We are thrilled to share with you the most recent announcements and developments in the Windsor-Essex region for the month of January. See below to read our top highlights.

Project Arrow is the proud recipient of the 2024 BIG Innovation Award

Invest WindsorEssex, the eXtended Reality partner of Project Arrow, Canada’s first zero-emission connected vehicle is proud to announce that the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) is the recent recipient of the 2024 BIG Innovation Award. This is presented by the Business Intelligence Group in recognition of the organization’s devotion to bringing new tech ideas to life. Project Arrow 2.0 will follow a similar scheme with 10 to 20 vehicles produced, rather than the singular prototype born from the original Project Arrow. The Invest WindsorEssex VR CAVE was used to test the autonomous technologies prior to the project’s integration into the physical car, showcasing our commitment in innovative advancements. READ MORE 

2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) unveiled the latest in the tech industry

The Consumer Technology Association hosted CES 2024, a world-class event in Las Vegas that did not disappoint with a packed venue highlighting innovative technology. This expansive event like no other, featured 12 official venues, 2.5-million net square feet of exhibit space and 250 sessions with over 135,000 attendees.  

Invest WindsorEssex’s Program Manager, Mackenzie Habash was on-site to capture some of the latest tech innovations in the industry. This year’s event featured ground-breaking tech like an AI-integrated backpack and cutting-edge technology that transforms plastic and waste into hydrogen to power factories and communities — a technological marvel and a positive stride towards a more sustainable future. Nothing quite matched the wow factor of the Mercedes-Benz’s new 360-degree spin on the unveiling of their electric G-Wagons. Its latest software update is slated to be released this year, which will adapt music to driving speed and vehicle movement making it truly next-level innovation. 
This year’s event was a success, providing the Invest WindsorEssex team with the opportunity to connect and engage with startup companies, providing Ontario Conversion Package program information to access Ontario’s RTDS network. This includes the Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network (OVIN) Windsor-Essex RTDS, providing its distinct advantages, which include accelerating product development, access to a one-of-a-kind ‘digital twin’ program and visualization of your product in the Virtual Reality (VR) CAVE. Aside from networking with automobility start-ups across the globe, our team along with many other organizations continue to pave the way for the future of the automobility landscape. READ MORE

EV Careers: Bridging job seekers with the finest in EV-related opportunities!

The EV Careers platform has seen a significant increase in applications, with over one thousand applicants to-date. Since, its recent launch on Nov.16, 2023, the platform has been helping job seekers pursue careers in the electric vehicle sector throughout Windsor-Essex, as Canada works towards mobilizing its EV ecosystem. The easy-to-navigate website offers access to a comprehensive database of job listings, a library of resources and information to help build skills, and a platform to connect with employers.  

With continued support, our community development organizations are bridging career pathways and creating opportunities that align with the future of the EV career sector. Embrace the possibilities with REGISTER HERE

EV-Battery workshop series explores opportunities in the EV supply chain

Invest WindsorEssex, in partnership with Automobility Enterprises and PEM Motion, is delivering a series of free, in-person, EV supply chain workshops. Funded by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), this series will be tailored to advanced manufacturing companies specializing in automotive; EV and next-generation vehicle production. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER 
Each workshop includes: 
• Battery production from cell through packs 
• Electric motors, with a focus on new hairpin technologies 
• Fuel cells and some of the challenges the industry faces 
• Overview of additional technologies and opportunities 
• Workshop and discussion on opportunities related to a group of stakeholders in the industry 

Event series overview: 
Feb. 26 – Electrifying Horizons
Feb. 27 – Automate to Elevate
Feb. 28 – Precision Evolution
Feb. 29 – Shaping Tomorrow

One-day conference will bring together Canada’s best industry leaders in electric vehicle manufacturing

On Feb. 7, 2024, Electric Autonomy in partnership with Ngen, will host the ‘EV Innovation & Technology Conference’ in Toronto, Ont. Top leaders from across the country will come together and work to accelerate and transform electric vehicle manufacturing. This first-of-its-kind conference will take a deep dive into the EV supply chain with expert guest speakers, offering valuable insights and networking, as well as provide opportunities to discuss challenges facing the EV sector’s industrial transformation. For more information or to secure your spot for the upcoming conference, REGISTER TODAY

Essex County school becomes first in Canada to offer students an opportunity to build an EV

St. Anne Catholic High School has become the first in Canada to offer their students a unique opportunity to get hands-on education in electric vehicles — by building one themselves. The school recently invested in a ‘Switch’ electric vehicle kit, allowing Grade 12 students to participate in the building process to learn and gain valuable insight. This great initiative will teach essential skills necessary for future success, especially since the automotive manufacturing sector is rapidly changing across the region. Each semester, senior students will assemble and disassemble a fully functional three-wheeled vehicle, learning about the in-depth components and processes every step of the way. After completion and disassembly, the next group of students can take advantage of these skills and repeat the process in the following semester. READ MORE